How to Resist

When I started this blog, I didn’t think I would ever do anything with it that directly dealt with current politics except through the prism of entertainment. But I realize that’s not enough right now: I need to develop a plan to actively resist the current administration of fear and fascistic control.

Rather than focus on what NOT to do or who to NOT listen to, I’m going to try and keep it positive. Not necessarily that things will be sunshine and rainbows from my point of view, but I want to focus on  what we CAN do. I realize that not everything is going to be possible for a lot of folks due to accessibility barriers, so I’ll try to keep this as broad as possible while offering concessions.

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A Helpful Guide to Films Directed by Women: 2017 Edition

A Helpful Guide to Films Directed by Women: 2017 Edition

I strongly believe in the importance of supporting films that are directed by women, particularly women of color, due to the way that systemic sexism and racism in the film industry keep women from reaching creative and financial peaks. Unfortunately, many films directed by women don’t get as much of a marketing push as they should, so I’m going to make a list of promising narrative feature films that are getting released sometime this year either at a festival or in a wider release, or that are likely to be released this year, organized by genre.

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My Favorite Things: 2016 Edition

My Favorite Things: 2016 Edition

I briefly entertained the idea of doing both a “best” and “worst” list for 2016 in entertainment, but after giving it some thought I decided to just do a “best” list, because 2016 had enough well-chronicled bad shit to make a “worst” list redundant. There was a lot that I liked and even loved this year in entertainment, and I want to draw attention to those things. This list is in no particular order of quality or preference, because if I tried to rank them it’d be pretty arbitrary and largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of wanting to talk about stuff I like.

Also, all comments either on this blog or on social media to the tune of “but what about [film/show/etc.]” or “ew, why’d you include that” will be ignored. Make your own list.

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