How to Resist

When I started this blog, I didn’t think I would ever do anything with it that directly dealt with current politics except through the prism of entertainment. But I realize that’s not enough right now: I need to develop a plan to actively resist the current administration of fear and fascistic control.

Rather than focus on what NOT to do or who to NOT listen to, I’m going to try and keep it positive. Not necessarily that things will be sunshine and rainbows from my point of view, but I want to focus on  what we CAN do. I realize that not everything is going to be possible for a lot of folks due to accessibility barriers, so I’ll try to keep this as broad as possible while offering concessions.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (If You Can)

In Daily Life

  • Call, don’t E-mail, your representatives. Have a script ready. Take these tips offered by 5 Calls.
  • Listen to and believe people of color/immigrants/LGBTQIA people/women/people with disabilities/Muslims/Jewish people/etc. Help them feel safe. Let them know that they are valid.
  • ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE NOT ONE OR MORE OF THE ABOVE: boost and support the work of marginalized people. Use your privilege to increase their platforms. Give them due credit when you do so.
  • Respect radical forms of resistance, even and especially if you don’t participate in them.
  • Challenge people who support bigoted ideas/legislation if you are in a safe position to do so.

Follow/Subscribe to Platforms/People That Challenge and Expose the Administration, Such As:

Obviously, this is not all you can do, but it’s a beginning.

Don’t quit. Commit. Resist.


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